• SUBJECT: CC uses Courier Express as its courier of choice for customers located in Metro Manila. For customers outside of Metro Manila, SUBJECT: CC uses LBC.

• SUBJECT: CC is not responsible for non-delivery, loss, or damage using shipment. Risk of loss will transfer to customer upon SUBJECT: CC tendering the product for delivery to the carrier.

• SUBJECT: CC will ship item/s specified by the customer.

• The customer should inspect and examine all item/s upon receiving and shall notify SUBJECT: CC, as specified herein, of all discrepancies and refusal to accept delivery of purchased item/s. The customer should advise Subject: CC in detail and explain via Facebook chat the discrepancy or why the purchase item/s was refused (See Return and Exchange policy)

• If the customer fails to give notice within seven (7) business days, the received item/s are considered good and accepted item/s.